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Mojave Aerospace Education, Research and Operations Group

The Mojave sun is rising on a new force in the aerospace industry.  Through a synergy of legacy institutions and new business directives, the Mojave Aerospace Education, Research and Operations (AERO) Group, known as the Mojave AERO Group or simply MAG, is building the leading international aerospace services company.  MAG offers a variety of advanced aerospace services including:

  • Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Training & Education
  • Advanced Pilot Training including Upset Recognition & Recovery Training
  • Flight Test Support Services
  • Aerospace Research & Development
  • Professional Commercial Space Training
  • Aircraft Maintenance Services


We maintain a large fleet of over 40 standard and instrumented aircraft ranging from single engine reciprocating aircraft to supersonic fighters and helicopters.  We offer calibrated pace and chase support aircraft to cover all speed ranges as well as a complete menu of back shop and avionics services.



We look forward to supporting you in achieving all of your aerospace testing, training, operations and research needs.  Come fly with us soon!



The Mojave Aero Group | 1062 Flight Line Road | Hangar 161 | Mojave, CA 93501 | | 661-749-0990